Joy can be found anytime, anywhere.

Yet another chapter...

Parenting is a funny thing.... you seem to advance to chapters without much notice.  Today my daughter got her first boyfriend.  Is that surprising?  No... she is awesome.  All my girls are awesome. It should come as no surprise that someone else figured this fact out.  Yet.. it is.  But I feel happy.  I like this particular gentleman.  He is extremely kind, and I knew he liked her before I knew she liked him. :)  Unfortunately, there has been typitcal drama involved. {Dude.. I so do not miss high school!} But, I am, all in all, very happy for her...and scared and excited.  So, am I joyful?  Yes.  Am I scared?  Yes.  Am I excited? Yes.  Crazy little rollercoaster to be on as a parent.  But when life puts you on a rollercoaster of emotions, you just have to put your hands in the air and get through the ride.

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