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Shimmymobile and Packers

Yesterday was the Hiptastic Bellydance Festival in Round Lake, IL.  I was lucky enough to ride to and from in Laura's van AKA the Shimmymobile.  The festival itself was wonderful and the weather was lovely.  Even better was the quality time spent with the other ladies in my troupe.  There was a moment when we were all laughing together and I realized that most of us would not even know each other, let alone be friends, without dance.  Whatever reason brought us to that first class, the end result was a mixture of women of all ages and backgrounds becoming friends and troupe mates.  How cool is that?  Time spent with friends is always a joy.

Today, the Packer's won their first game of the season.  Yep... I am a Packer fan.  Not a football fan... just a Packer fan.  It was great to sit on the couch with my hubby and a bowl of chili and watch a great game.  I don't know how fun it was for the kids.  At one point Melody got up and walked out, all high and mighty, because I was yelling about a play.  {For the record, Deron yells at the screen way more than me}.  It was funny.  I know when she's my age she will look back and remember the Packer games as days of chili, card games {I taught Melody how to play cribbage during half-time - bonus joy}, and good natured yelling at a television screen. :)

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