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Party Weekend

Yesterday was Mallory's 17th birthday.  I planned a surprise birthday party for her and it went off perfectly.  The best part was how much she was busting my chops for the last couple of weeks because she couldn't get anything planned with her friends.  I had been planning her party since July and had her best friends all in on it helping me.  So, every time she would grouse to them, they would play it cool with her, but laugh inside because they knew about her surprise.  It was awesome!  She was totally surprised and extremely happy.  Nothing beats that.
Today, I found out that a friend was allowing us to help him come out for a reunion get together that is planned for October.  It would have been tragic for him not to be able to attend.  It will be the first time in over 10 years that this group of friends will all be together.  My joy that he will be able to attend, and the group will be complete, is phenomenal.  It will be a great time, and memories of joy will be definitely made.

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