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First Day of School

Yes... the summer has officially ended and school has begun.  I must admit I was nervous about this morning.  After Melody being so nervous, and complaining of tummyaches at bedtime, I thought for sure she would really be upset and not want to leave this morning.  I must never underestimate my kids.  She slept like a rock, and woke up ready to start her day.  She chatted away while getting dressed, eating breakfast etc.  She didn't even complain that it was lightly raining while we waited for the bus under an umbrella.  When I mentioned that the first day of school is exciting she replied, "Yes, it is, except for outside.  There are children and teachers everywhere.  It's like a pack of wolves with a pack of lions".  I had to smile.  She is one funny kid and wise beyond her years.  Best part is she came home from school saying she had the best day and she loves her new teacher.  WOOHOO!  All those worries for nothing... of course... that never stops me from worring anyway.  So, yep, first day of  school was a joyful day... who knew?

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