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Time with Mallory

{Sorry I didn't post last night.  I got home kind of late and the lure of sleep won out over the computer.}
I had a lovely evening with Mallory (my 17 year old) last night.  We started our evening out at a teaching presentation at the church (Mal and I are both religous ed. teachers - I teach 8th grade, she teaches kindergarten).  From there we went right to dance class.  It was last class of the session so we did a fun activity where each person in the class gets a turn to add to a choreography that the entire class learns.  a kind of group choreo.  The class was fun and it was cool to see how far Mal has come in her dance knowledge. 
After class we went out to a local pizzaria for drinks and munchies.
I just can't tell you how awesome it is to be able to spend time with Mallory on a level where we enjoy the same things.  To be able to share some pieces of what I do with her and what she does with me is definitely joyful.

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