Joy can be found anytime, anywhere.

No idea going in...

Today was not a great day.  A.  I do not feel well, which is always a bummer.  B.  I had to take Monica back to school.  C.  My poor hubby dropped his iPhone in water.  {Here's hoping the rice and desiccant bring it back to life}  So, I find myself sitting here at 9pm trying to decide what to write.  I'm asking myself, where did I smile today... where was that moment where I paused in the tiniest bit of joy.  I have to say it lives in a cup of bullion.  I was laying on the couch today not feeling well.  Deron asked me if I wanted anything for lunch and I said no.  So, because he knew I was not feeling well, he made me a cup of bullion to drink.  It was hot, and salty and just what my body needed.  Plus, I didn't have to get up and make it.  Is that silly?  Being happy because my hubby brought me bullion when I was sick?  Nope...I believe it is the small kindnesses shown that truly show love.  Anyone can give you flowers on Valentine's Day... but only someone special would give you bullion when your sick.

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