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Yesterday was a crazy day for me as a Mom.  Three out of my four girls were having medical issues, some more severe than others.  Nothing stresses me out more than something being wrong with my child that I can't fix.  So, finding the joy yesterday was tough (doesn't help that the Packers kicked their own butts - I couldn't even cheat and use that). 
Looking back now,  I believe I found it while watching an old video of Monica when she was 6, Mallory was 4, and Madison was 18mos.  They were so amazingly cute and kind to each other.  Sometimes when I see them in my head, that's how old they are again.  (BTW - Melody is perpetually 4 in my head as well)  It was wonderful to laugh at their silly antics and be proud of who they have become today.  I wish it were as easy to keep them safe today as it was then, but that's part of the whole Mom gig... learning when to let them go.. a little.  I have some pretty great kids. 

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