Joy can be found anytime, anywhere.

Joy dish detergent

Seriously... who's idea was it to name a dish detergent "Joy"?  I was wondering that today while washing my dishes {my dishwasher is still broken}.  Are they trying to send some kind of message of "Hey, if you use this soap, dishes will be joyful."?  But then I started thinking about how much Melody loves to do the dishes and how Madison used to love to do them too when she was little.  What are they seeing that I am not?  Normally, I hate the dishes more than any other chore. Then it hit me.  Dude... I am playing in bubbles!  Granted, the bubbles fade and eventually get yucky, but in the beginning they are pretty cool.  you can make shapes and beards with them.  Now I'm not saying that I will forever more love to do the dishes.  But... I can at least find the joy in the bubbles at the start.

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