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Crazy weekend

Ok... so last night definietly had ups and downs.  Mallory ended up with a fever of 105.5.  Definitely NOT joyful.  Luckily, Mallory responds very well to medicines and we got her fever down pretty quick.  But.. it was still freaky.  Well, nothing cures that like a Pandora dance party in the livingroom.  Yep... Melody and I put the 80s dance mix on Pandora and had our own dance party in the livingroom.  It was a fun and joyful way to end an evening that had the potential to be quite bad.
Today, I was touched my Mallory's boyfriend, Erik, coming over to check on her and make sure she was OK.  By the time he arrived her fever was almost gone (with medication) and I could actually see the relief cross his face.  I saw in that moment that he truly cares for her.   It was very sweet. I think this young man is a good one, and I'm OK with him dating my daughter.  That, in and of itself, is pretty cool.

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