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soy nuts

Ok... this may sound ridiculous but I really like dry roasted edamames.  I discovered them last summer at Costco and they have been a snack staple for me.... until this past July when Costco stopped selling them.  {or at least re-arranged their store to such an extent that even the workers have no idea where they would be}  I like them because they taste good (obviously), are high in fiber and low in fat.  I love peanuts too, but these were a kind of guilt free snack.  So, I've been kinda bummed about it.
That is until today!  I was at Walgreens and I found dry roasted soy nuts.  I know... Walgreens?  Who knew?  Now I always knew that edamames were a type of soy bean but I never put 2 and 2 together and thought to look for soy nuts.  Granted, they are not exactly the same but they are pretty close.  They are similar enough to make me happy.
So yes... today's joy was found in finding a guilt-free healthy snack that was once my friend.

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