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Title: Mom

Today was a pretty good day overall.  I got a lot done around the house.  My darling hubby, Deron, came home from Boston, plus, there was no drama (AKA no one was grounded).  As for what my joy was for today.. well it was a phone call actually.  My oldest daughter, Monica, called me today to talk about a problem she was having at college.  This was the first time she has called me for anything specific and only the second call of the year so far (it's been 2 weeks).  I was, of course, livid about the situation and gave her advice on how to handle it.  I knew that she had the ability to handle it.  She is a capable woman.  Yet, I felt needed, even though my daughter was adult.  Plus, I got to talk about something that had bothered me this week and she comforted me.  It was my first real interaction as a Mom to adult daughter... and it was cool.  I guess I was a bit worried that once my children went off to college they wouldn't need me anymore.  If I really thought about it I would know that's not true.  There have been many times in my adult life where I needed my Mom.  But... it was a joy to finally experience it from the other side.
Just goes to show you that the joys of motherhood never end. :)

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