Joy can be found anytime, anywhere.

Ups and Downs

Ok.. so today definitely had its ups and downs.  I watched Little Miss Ellie (18mos) today, which is always a hoot.  It was pay day {thank goodness} so I was finally able to take the younger 3 girls to get some new school clothes for their first day tomorrow.  Those were the good things... the ups. 
I was excited to have received the gift I ordered for Mallory's birthday (which is Saturday) only to realize I ordered the wrong size. {facepalm} So, I have to return it and order a new one, which of course will not be here in time.  Mallory was very gracious about it.  (Her middle name is Patience after all.) 
I bought the wrong book for Madison for band... said I needed the 7th grade book (she's going into 8th grade).  Madison was totally cool about it and laughed about me forgetting what grade she was going in.  The big epic fail of my day was not realizing that it was Melody's open house tonight from 6pm -7pm.  We missed it because we were shopping.  I have no idea how that didn't make it on the calendar.  Major bummer.  She is already so incredibly nervous for the first day, and now doesn't know where her room is and has to carry all her stuff to school.  There were tears initially, but after a few minutes, she accepted the situation and accepted my apology.
So... where's the joy?  My joy today was in my children.  They were so kind to me during my failures.  Sometimes, as a Mom, you mess up.  It happens.  It is an epic bummer.  I try so hard to do everything right, but as a human, it doesn't always work out that way.  Knowing that my children can be so forgiving to me, and actually comfort me when I "fall" brings me tremendous joy.  It lets me know that I must be doing something right to have such amazing kids. 
The lesson I learned today is that God definitely hides the joy, sometimes, in the strangest places.

A little tougher

Today it was not as easy at first to find the joy.  As a matter of fact, getting up early to drive to from the airport during rush hour, construction and a broken down car blocking an exit lane, sucked giant monkey butt.  But, lo and behold, as the day progressed, it improved.  I was still trying to figure out what the heck I was going to write about when I received a call from my big brother Eric informing me that I would be seeing him and his lovely wife Liz this weekend.  I haven't seen them since Mother's Day.  WOOHOO!  It will make this a great weekend.  They are expecting their first baby, and that alone is reason enough to be joyful.  So, another day down, 361 left to go.

Weekend fun!

Well, this weekend it was easy to find joy.  Yesteday I spent the day at my Mom's with my family.  We got to play bean bag toss, chat, and even looked at old photographs.  Spending time with family members that I don't get to see often is wonderful.  I am blessed with a family that I love hanging out with. 

Today I got to go see my oldest daughter Monica at college.  I got to see her dorm room, meet her roomates, tour her campus and hear how her first week at college went.  I, of course, did not go empty handed.  I brought her 2 loaves of pumpkin bread.  I figure once word gets out that she has home baked goods everyone will be her new best friend. :)

So, finding the joy so far has been easy.  I should probably knock on some wood or something because I know the days where I'm happy I found 2 socks that match are coming my way.   Those will be the days that will be very interesting.

365 Joyful Days

For my New Year's resolution this year I decided to vow to find the joy in each day, no matter how hard.  Well, here we are at the end of August and I find that there are days I forget to find the joy.  When things are breaking, kids are getting sick and money is tight I sometimes forget to find the joy in the day.  I sent my oldest daughter to college last week and I tell you I was also feeling old. {of course I do have 3 more girls to send off} I believe that God gives me moments of joy in every day, but it is up to me to find it.  So, in order to keep me honest and on task I have decided to find the joy in everyday and post it here for anyone who may need help finding the joy in their seemingly ordinary life.  My joys made be found in my family (my kids always crack me up), nature (who doesn't find joy in a hummingbird), a hobby (I love to belly dance), or a new discovery (genealogy is a never-ending path of discovery).  So, I here-by decree that I will find the joy in everyday... no matter how crappy it may seem to be one the surface.
My joy today has been the little hummingbird that comes to my window feeder throughout the day.  I swear she is looking at me.  This morning the feeder was too low for her to drink.  She hovered by the window looking at me sitting here at the computer wondering why the heck I hadn't filled it yet. {Yep - in my mind... hummingbirds are beaky.  Not as beaky as Chickadees, but beaky nonetheless.  I mean they ARE birds after all. }
So, today the joy of nature prevailed.  We shall see what happens tomorrow.