Joy can be found anytime, anywhere.

Ahhhh.... January

So, here it is, mid January.  I look outside and see the beauty of a snow covered landscape.  If I were to set foot outside I would be frozen solid.  It is cold and getting colder.  Today is one of those days in Wisconsin where the low for today is tomorrow's high.  Not a good sign as the temperature drops.  So, today I find myself feeling extremely grateful for my heated home.  The fact that I can sit her comfortably and look out my window and enjoy the beauty outside is definitely a reason for joy as well as gratitude.  I truly believe that gratitude can bring joy.  I think if more folks were grateful, more folks would be joyful.  Crazy but true!
Since I'm not exactly sure whet day I left off before I will leave you with that thought for today - Wednesday - and after this go back to my day by day format I was doing before.  Stay warm folks, drive safe, and be joyful! :)

Holy Baloney!

WHOA!  It has been forever since I last posted!  I am so sorry!  Christmas time is my absolute favorite time of year.  One of the reasons for this is that I am always busy doing wonderful things with my family.  Lots of time with family and friends means no time on the computer = not writing in my blog.  I believe it would be safe to say that the joys have been tremendous since I last wrote.  To write them all would take days. 
So, my tidbit for you today is to simply make sure that you spend time with the people you love.  Love is the key to joy. :)