Joy can be found anytime, anywhere.

Halloween weekend

Woot!  What a fun time!

Friday Monica came home for the weekend.  Plus, the kids had off of school, which made Ellie's day here even more enjoyable.  Having the whole family home preparing for the weekend fun felt great.

Saturday we had a Halloween Costume Party.  I had them every year for my family until the basement went kaputz.  It had been 4 years.  My family has grown quite a bit since then.  Plus, Monica invited quite a few folks from school.  It was the most people I have ever had!  It was a bit crazy and chaotic but I think it was a lot of fun.  Deron joked about maybe we need to have 2 parties.. one for family and one for the kids' friends.... I do not have the strength. 

Sunday was Halloween and trick-or-treating.  (OK... yes, the Packers won... that was nice too)  Ellie came trick-or-treating with Melody.  That was so CUTE!  It was her first time and little Ellie was SO excited to get treats from all the houses.  It was just so fun to go around the block with her.  It was cold but the kids were troopers. 

Overall, the weekend was full of joyful moments.  I know that November will be a crazy month for my family, but with the Christmas season upon us, joy will be in the air.

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