Joy can be found anytime, anywhere.

Thanksgiving Weekend

Well, we ended up not being able to go to the Cheesecake factory, but went out for Mexican instead.  Either way I go to wear my cute outfit so it was good. :)

Wednesday - The kids had a half day of school.  Monica was home (always a joy).  Having all four kids home for a night was nice.... even if they do tend to bicker.... I still enjoy the fact that they all have to be here in order for the bickering to commence. :)

Thursday - Thanksgiving!  I always find joy in family and food... who doesn't?

Friday - We set up the Christmas tree.  It always takes way longer than expected, but Melody, Mallory and Erik helped put it together, put the lights and angel on.  Then Mal and Erik had to leave and Monica and Madison helped with the ornaments.  Christmas is my favorite time of year.  There really is joy everywhere.

Saturday - Melody is not feeling so fabulous today, but her Grandma still came over to spend some special time with her.  They are watching movies, playing games, doing crafts and Melody even did a puppet show.  It's a joy to see them spend such quality time together.

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