Joy can be found anytime, anywhere.

Where did the week go?

Holy Moly... is it Friday already!
Tuesday - It was Madison's 14th birthday.  We had a ridiculously rich chocolate cake and cheese stuffed pasta shells for dinner.  Monica even came home for it which was very nice.  She got money towards ski and snowboard club at school.  She's never tried it, so here's hoping she ends up liking it. :)

Wednesday - OK... this joy is kinda funny.  Sometimes joy is just having a nice giggle.  My sister Lisa lives in Idaho.  So, the years when she does not come home for Christmas, she orders a lot of her gifts online and has them sent to me to distribute to family in WI.  Well, I knew about one package that was coming that day, but suddenly I get a text saying "Did I mention you have a package coming from _____?" Nope.... and not 30 minutes later the UPS truck shows up with the package.  It made me giggle.  And it reminded me of the year she sent me my birthday gift early...and never said anything to anyone.  Imagine my surprise when a box of coke glasses shows up for me and I have no idea who sent them.  I wasn't until a few days later that she told Monica about them.  Imagine Lisa's surprise to find out I already had them.  Sometimes shipping is faster than you think. :)

Thursday - Deron came home after being gone for what seems like forever.  That's more than enough joy in a month where he gone most of the days.  I'll take it. :)

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