Joy can be found anytime, anywhere.

Ode to Joy

Tuesday - So, my youngest daughter Melody (9yrs) started taking flute lessons last year.  This came about because some amazing friends of ours gave her a flute their family wasn't using. Melody loves her flute lessons.  Tonight was such a lesson.  It was a big night for her because she was able to play Ode to Joy all by herself.  I got to hear it myself.  It was lovely!  Never was a song so aptly named for me than at that moment.  Her sense of accomplishment was a true joy to behold.

Wednesday - have you ever had a good mail day?  You know, a day where the mail comes and has some really great stuff in it... not just bills?  I had one of those.  I received the free dance DVD I won (it looks awesome), Mallory received her new phone (she loves it), I got photos from Halloween from my Mom, and I actually got a 30% off coupon from Kohl's,.  Now I usually only get the 15% off ones.... not that I'm complaining.  But I actually get to save 30% off my next purchase.  That's a sweet, sweet deal. So, my joy today was delivered by mail. :)

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