Joy can be found anytime, anywhere.

December is upon us...

Ok... so here's how the weekend panned out.
Sunday - Deron came home from hunting.  He got a deer!  This is really great for us.  Believe it or not, the venison helps a great deal throughout the year.  I rarely buy ground beef and Deron's venison steaks are extremely popular.  With the cost of groceries going up, I take great joy in a freezer full of meat to start the new year.
Monday - This was an odd day.  Deron had off of work and the kids had off of school.  Conflicts arose (they are inevitable in a family this size I think), but in the end, we had a pleasant meal together.  The weird thing was that we ended up eating Taco Bell because we were too tired to cook.  So, we drove through, brought the food home, and had a lovely family meal.  Nothing beats saying Grace for Taco Bell food. :)  That and we discovered a cute show called Shawn the Sheep, and sat as a family laughing at silly farm antics.

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