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First Weekend in November

Friday - Friday night was The Almost Anything Goes Show at the High School.  Madison performed with her 8th grade band, and I got to see the Wall of Sound perform this year's show.  It was the first time the Kling Family didn't have their own table.  They opted for more seating and less tables this year.  It was also the first year I didn't have someone in the colorguard.  It was a great show.  I love marching band music.  It just takes me back to band in high school and being the drum major for our marching band.  Plus, I get the added bonus of being so proud of my girl up there playing her clarinet.  She hasn't decided whether she wants to do band or choir next year, but either way, I still have many years of concerts ahead of me.

Saturday - A fun day!  I got to visit a friend for a few hours in the afternoon, got to beat Madison at Monopoly, and begin watching the movie White Nights with Madison that night.  I had forgotten how amazing the dancing is in the movie.  It was wonderful to share it with one of my daughters.  Even though Madison is not a dancer herself, she was still amazed at the skill and beauty.  Joy can always be found in sharing with my kids.

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