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Super slacker!

Wow, I totally forgot to post something for Tuesday and Wednesday.  I guess that makes me a slacker. 

Tuesday - This may sound silly (or maybe not.... this is me talking) but I was really happy to make spaghetti for dinner.  I love spaghetti.  I would have it multiple times a week if I could.  But, for some reason it had been awhile since I had made it.  Mallory had made it the week before but I wasn't home for it.  Granted, I didn't make meatballs (actually, Melody makes the best meatballs) but it was still yummy.  Next time.... meatballs.

Wednesday - We worked on 3/4 shimmies in my Bellydance class.  I love those.  Some dancers don't like them but I think  they are the most fun of all the shimmies.  So, we drilled them for a whole hour.  Not only was I getting a great workout, but I was improving one of my favorite dance moves.  How cool is that?

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