Joy can be found anytime, anywhere.

Momma's got cool stuff.

Thursday I spent the entire day decorating the basement for Halloween.  My legs are actually sore from 1. Falling off the back of the couch a couple times while hanging my giant web. 2. Constantly going up and down the stairs. And 3. going up and down the step ladder over and over hanging lights and webs.  Dude.... it is really starting to look cool down there!  My new item for this year is a cauldron that I bought and put my color changing mist maker in.  Holy Moly does it look wicked (pun intended)!  It look so cool I started dancing around the room singing a made up song about how "Momma's got cool stuff... oh Momma has got cool stuff".  {It should be noted that I often break out into song.} I was so excited about it I took a photo with my camera on my phone and sent it to Deron and the girls.  I think it was the favorite item so far.... that and the black lights.... they make everything look spooky.  That's what I'm shooting for really, spooky.  So yesterday was a good day where I ended up dancing around all happy about my cauldron.

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