Joy can be found anytime, anywhere.

Sundays and Mondays... oh my!

Sunday - My friend Stephanie and I are starting to create a duet choreography.  We decided to get together before troupe to work on it.  Well, when we arrived at the place, the previous teacher (of what class, I know not) left a child's table in the middle of the room covered in rice, with rice all over the floor.  When we tried to use the rooms' vacuum all it did was shoot the rice to the far corners of the room.  Once we gave up on that, we tried to use the CD we brought.... no dice.  Stephanie said "it works in my car", so we went outside, opened the doors to her car and worked on our dance in the parking lot.  It was pretty funny, as well as fun. We managed to get a few things hammered out before our teacher arrived with a better vacuum in hand.  That's one way to enjoy nice weather.

Monday - Ok... that morning was crazy.  But, the part that had me laughing was when I was trying to drive Monica from an appointment in Waukesha back to Cardinal Stritch.  I was using Deron's GPS that he named Susan.  Well, Susan had not been updated since the major construction downtown.  The result was her constantly directing me off the freeway at random points and then putting me back on father down.  Plus, she kept making me cross 3-4 lanes of traffic in 1/4 mile... one time only to discover the exit has since changed sides!  (I do realize that the GPS is an "it" not a "she" but I'm telling the story here. :) )  Unfortunately, I do not know downtown very well and needed help at least getting as far as 43.  Monica and I were laughing so hard.... convinced that Susan was trying to kill us.  But we finally made it back to her school (which was having a dumpster fire) in one piece.  Making memories.....

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