Joy can be found anytime, anywhere.

Days are flying by...

First, just and FYI - I can't figure out how to have the date show up on my blogs.  If you know, please share.  Otherwise, starting in November I will put the date in the title.

Again I find myself not writing this blog everyday.  Rest assured I am still finding the joy in everyday.... just not always remembering to share it before I go to bed. :)

So... Tuesday.  Tuesday's joy was a game of Yahtzee between Deron, Melody and myself.  We were giggling and yelling (we each scored a Yahtzee - it was very exciting) and having a grand ole' time.  Melody managed to kick all our butts with a score of 315.  She was thrilled!  It's a big deal beating both your parents at a game.  That was right before bedtime for her... it was nice for her to go to bed with a smile.

Wednesday - Ok... the problem with Wednesday is that I totally forgot it was Wednesday.  My whole family did.  We forgot to take Melody to her class and Mallory and I forgot to go to our dance class.  BUT - there was still plenty of joy.  We took out 5 rubber maid tubs of Halloween decorations that we haven't taken out in about 3 years.  It was fun to go through them and remember past party's we've thrown.  Some of those decorations are 17 years old.... and all the girls have a different favorite.   So, I guess it was worth it to hang out at home and reminisce.  Downright joyful, you might say.

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