Joy can be found anytime, anywhere.

Homecoming weekend

Saturday was the Homecoming dance at the high school.  Mallory attended the dance and looked lovely.  Seeing my daughter all dressed up and looking beautiful is always a joy.  Granted, it can be a bit difficult to get past the fact that she was 4 years old last week.  But, I'm proud of the young lady she has become.

Also, Monica came home on Saturday which was a nice suprise... especially after the physically rough week she had at school.  Not only did she get to have a nice home cooked dinner and a 12 hour sleep, she got to eat chili and watch the Packer game with us on Sunday.... something she had mentioned that she missed about being at college.  That made Sunday joyful for me.  It's fun to yell at the TV together.  It doesn't hurt that the Packers won the game either. :)

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