Joy can be found anytime, anywhere.

St. Nick week

Well, so far it has been a very busy December... and I think it will only get busier!

Saturday - Weirdly enough, my joy for Saturday involved a craft fair where only 7 folks showed up and the only thing I sold was to another vendor. (Craft Fairs are always a bit hit or miss).  The joy part came from hanging out with lovely fellow dancers for 4 hours... some of whom I hadn't really met before.  Plus, afterwards, my friends Stephanie and I went next door to the Irish Pub and had some delicious food. So yes, with the food cost, I actually lost money on the day, but what I gained in friendship greatly exceeds the money.

Sunday - Sunday was the dress rehearsal for my troupe's Christmas piece for the Holiday hafla coming up.  It was so fun seeing us all dressed up looking like toys!  Granted, there were a few malfunctions with wardrobe pieces but that's what dress rehearsals are for, right?  My joy that day was seeing everyone looking cute and being happy.

Monday - I got to set up my new to me Christmas decorations..... Mr. and Mrs. Clause dolls that are sleeping.  They snore and whistle jingle bells.  I got them from ebay.  They are from the year 1992.  I think they are adorable!

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