Joy can be found anytime, anywhere.

Sometimes it's hard...

When I say it's hard, I don't mean to imply that here isn't joy in every day.  I mean sometimes it's hard to see it over the other not-so-joyful parts of the day.
For example, Sunday was hard for me because I learned that my best friend was moving away.  Not that 5 1/2 hours is an insurmountable a distance... I know it's not.  But most of my close friends live 5+ hours away.  It's what happens as we get older.  But it's still a bummer.  There's a lot to be said for having folks close by.  But, I am grateful for her friendship, extremely happy I have things like Facebook now to help us stay closer, and I know that her husband's new job is a blessing for their entire family.  Those are the hidden joys inside a seemingly not-so-joyful thing.
So... moving on...

Monday - A rather uneventful day.  I had Melody home sick, which is not so very cool.  But, sometimes, having a child home sick does allow me to spend quality time with them and baby them.  I am blessed to be an at-home Mom.  Sick kids are one of the many reasons I choose to sacrifice financially and stay home.  It is a blessing that I get to be here for them.  And I find joy in life's blessings.

Tuesday - OK... so I had both Melody AND Madison home sick with colds.  Of some blessings... less is more I think.  Sometimes you have to make your own little joy or fun.  So, we had brats and hot dogs for dinner.  This may not seem like much, but when it's like 12 degrees outside, eating something that reminds you of summer is fun.  Along with burgers, hot dogs and brats are one of the things we rarely eat during the cold winter months.  Do they cure colds?  Nope.  But, if they makes us smile, they might as well.

Wednesday - I remembered that I had bought some really cute dolls that were in an after Christmas sale last year.  I happily set them up and dang... they are really cute!  I am very happy I got them.  They really add to the Christmas cheer that is radiating from my living room.  As I have said before, I love this time of year.  Everyone being full of love for each other and God is pretty cool.  If I like to show my enthusiasm through things that light up and play music... that is wonderful.  It's my way of sharing my joy with everyone around me.

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