Joy can be found anytime, anywhere.

Christmas week!

Wow... I can't believe it's been almost a week since I wrote last!  Whew!  It's been a great month so far.
Tuesday - I had this day with Monica.  I took her out to lunch.  It was awesome!  I don't get to have one on one time with my girls as much as I would like.  This lunch together was a great way to connect.  I think I need to do this more with all my girls.

Wednesday - At dance class we learned a cheoro to a Christmas song called Deck the Rooftop by the cast of Glee.  I was really fun and quite the workout.  I was a great way to end my day.

Thursday -  The family did our Annual Fast Food frenzy night.  This is a night around Christmas where we drive through whatever fast food restaurant the kids want, grab dinner, then drive around the town looking at all the Christmas light.  We've been doing this for years.  It's really fun and the kids love getting to eat fun foods they don't get very often.

Friday - More game playing happened on Friday.  It was only Monica, Melody and I )although Deron did join later) but we had fun.  We played Spy VS Spy on the xbox... and Melody was kicking our butts! Go figure but the 9 year old is genuinely good at that game and is hard to beat. :)

Saturday - The Jingle Bell Rak'n haflas was that night.  It was a lot of fun.  Plus, I got to perform the dance I missed performing the week before because of the blizzard.   It was a wonderful night full, of dance, fun and the Christmas spirit. Joy was everywhere. :)

Sunday - Well, the major joy of this Sunday was Deron & I got to become Godparents to a darling boy named Rhys.  We were honored to be asked.  The ceremony was lovely and the food afterwards was awesome.  It is impossible to not find joy when holding a beautiful baby. 

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