Joy can be found anytime, anywhere.


Ok...we had some snow fall last night (Thursday).  Unfortunately, it fell when I had to drive 30 minutes (without snow) to take two of my girls to the dentist.  For future reference, I do not like driving even under the best of circumstances.  Put me in a snow storm where I can't see anything including the road I'm driving on, and I get scared and cranky.  {Add to that the frustration of kids with cavities, if you will.}  The appt. started late, took longer than expected and it took awhile to schedule all the future appointments.  By the time we left the building the snow was coming down pretty hard.  So, where's the joy?  Well, I swear, it's too bad not everyone has a child to hang out with everyday.  We walk out and I'm thinking "crap", and Melody walks out and says "I love snow!  It looks so beautiful and sparkly."  Sure enough, when I stopped to actually see the snow as what it is... beautiful crystals sparkling in the light, and not the awful crap that's made the roads a death trap for me... I felt better.  I could see the joy there.  I may have not been feeling it while white knuckling it all the long, long way home, and definitely not when Melody had to miss a Scout meeting because of our delayed arrival home, but I saw it nonetheless.  Thank you Melody!
{BTW - Deron was in MN so he couldn't drive them...he was too busy flying home is the sparkly stuff. :) }

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