Joy can be found anytime, anywhere.

Is it February Already?

Winter is zooming by!  So much has been happening, it's hard to keep track of it all.
The joys have been plentiful.  The easy one is that we have had a record breaking blizzard!  The drifts outside my back door were almost as high as me and I couldn't even open my door.  It was crazy!  Here's a pic of outside my back door.
The birds I have at my feeders have been plentiful.... and beautiful!  Even their muted colors are bright with the white backdrop of nature.
My daughter won a state award for one of her drawings and will compete in Nationals.  That too was quite joyful.
Plus, the last few weeks have been a Packer frenzy here at my house.  Making it to the Super Bowl was extremely exciting.  The Championship games really had us riveted.  But, last night's Super Bowl win for the Green Bay Packers was a great joy, made even greater by having lots of friends and family gathered together to experience the fun, food, and laughter.  It was the perfect night!

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