Joy can be found anytime, anywhere.

Ahhhh.... January

So, here it is, mid January.  I look outside and see the beauty of a snow covered landscape.  If I were to set foot outside I would be frozen solid.  It is cold and getting colder.  Today is one of those days in Wisconsin where the low for today is tomorrow's high.  Not a good sign as the temperature drops.  So, today I find myself feeling extremely grateful for my heated home.  The fact that I can sit her comfortably and look out my window and enjoy the beauty outside is definitely a reason for joy as well as gratitude.  I truly believe that gratitude can bring joy.  I think if more folks were grateful, more folks would be joyful.  Crazy but true!
Since I'm not exactly sure whet day I left off before I will leave you with that thought for today - Wednesday - and after this go back to my day by day format I was doing before.  Stay warm folks, drive safe, and be joyful! :)

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